Spiritual Warfare Tactics

** Original post removed **


As I am continually growing in my faith, I have decided to remove this post because I am not entirely sure anymore that it is teaching sound doctrine.

I’ll rather err on the safe side than to potentially lead people astray and away from Jesus Christ.

Keep on continually seeking the true teachings of Jesus Christ as it relates to the saving Gospel, so we may know Jesus.


5 responses to “Spiritual Warfare Tactics

  1. Wow .Txs So much .Big Blessing in our lives
    Ben and Family (Missionary Family In Botswana ,Africa)

    ps ….A personal friend has cancer and we’d like to recommmed he phone Curry Blake for prayer ,is thgere a tel no and email that we can use to get in touch with him .



  2. Bro. Curry said in the SWAT training mp3 that he has done a seminar on Spiritual Warfare 101 and some PNW or P and W seminar. Can you tell me where I can find free mp3’s of these? Also, advice on praying such prayers for family salvation.

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