Curry Blake’s Teachings Available to Download (MP3, PDF, video)

** Original post removed **


As I am continually growing in my faith, I have decided to remove this post because I am not entirely sure anymore that it is teaching sound doctrine.

I’ll rather err on the safe side than to potentially lead people astray and away from Jesus Christ.

Keep on continually seeking the true teachings of Jesus Christ as it relates to the saving Gospel.


75 responses to “Curry Blake’s Teachings Available to Download (MP3, PDF, video)

  1. I am on DHT for the past few days now, and curry has change everything and turn me around to seeing things the way bible said things should be done.
    I would appreciate it if i can get all his teaching on PDF.

  2. Hi i have learned so much since i listened to curry,s teachings i would like to know if there is a jglm in south africa where i can join and become part of. Would also like to get hold of more of curry,s teachings.

      • Hi, you need to be invited, it’s still a closed group. Let me know and I can add you as friends and then on JGLM South Africa. Sven Lager, Live Team Hermanus

  3. Is there a jglm in south africa where i can join in and become part of. like to get hold of more curry blake teachings

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  5. I just came back from Texas. What a wonderful 3 days in the word, I am getting to work, thanks Curry.

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  7. i really like this stuff. but is this a free give away from jglm? because in the internet you´ll find links too where people can download illegaly all kind of stuff.


    • Hi Koray,

      I think some if it is officially made available by JGLM (or at least with their knowledge). I don’t, however, value copyright laws above spreading the Gospel. As the author of this blog, I don’t host any of the files linked here, but merely show other people the resources that already exist, without inspecting their integrity.

      Kind regards

      • so would it be ok too to steal books out of a christian store? i dont think so. i think we are not paying for a message but for the print when we buy books f or if its on pdf, then for the writting work etc. +according to jglm its a support for their ministry. even if you dont host the stuff ,youre helping others doing things that might be wrong, if its not a free giveaway.

        im not pointing out a finger… but you know we all have our responsibility i mean that in love + i did not asked you in a rhetoric way, even if it might look like that..

        • Thanks again for your reply. Your comparisson with stealing a book is invalid because stealing takes away from the owner, where as duplicating simply copies content without affecting the owner in any way. In fact, it serves ascgood marketing. I’d like to add what Curry Blake says in one of the DHTs (paraphrased here): when you take money out of the picture, it gets real easy to spread the message. That is what is happening here. The countless comments and visits to this post serve as testimony of what the sharing of these teachings have done.

          As far as JGLM is concerned, I do mention in the blog post that readers should donate to JGLM and I link to the JGLM shop. If readers want to contribute, great. But if they don’t, should we keep these life-changing teachings from them? Again, as far as JGLM is concerned, I give them all credit and encourage and point readers toward supporting and partnering with JGLM. Let us not pussy-foot around petty concerns, but spread the gospel unconditionally. Win the lost at any cost!

    • Hello Koray. This is probably coming late, but I felt I should let you know, the site the first link leads to actually says they are permitted by JGLM to distribute the teaching set. I hope this helps. God bless.

  8. Curry has consistently mentioned that he doesn’t care if we copy his stuff, he just doesn’t want us selling the stuff. I think also, once this message gets ingrained into us, as responsible sons of God, we really should partner with JGLM n so Curry can continue to train more and more people to do the works of Jesus. I really think it would be irresponsible for us if we didn’t.

  9. First I would like to thank you brother… for this page.. I was looking for a manual for the new man as I purchased the mp3 and I was told that it comes with the pdf manual but it doesn’t have it… is there anyways to help me get the or download the pdf manual of the ‘New Man’ teaching of curry blake.

    Bless u and keep the good deed.

    • Hi,

      I’m glad to hear you could benefit from this blog post! Unfortunately I don’t know where the New Man PDF is available yet. Please keep me posted.


    • Thank u so much for yr quick respond.
      Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.


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  11. I am from India, a pastor. The consolidated resource on this page had been a great blessing not just to me but to many more like me who visit this page. God bless you for such a task of putting it all together, its a big task to do something like this. You may not even know what difference this blog can make in the times to come.
    There were things that I always wondered about, particularly in terms of the level of faith that others have, how can that have such a major difference to the power of God that must manifest when we pray. Had always wondered about the man on gate beautiful, lazrus etc. Have just begun to hear some of the material and things are making a connection. Thank you.

  12. THANK you and may God bless you for making this available to us. And may also God bless Curry Blake and his family and ministry for bringing us this vitaly information.

  13. The dropbox and google drive folders will be reported as copyright infringement.
    JGLM makes a lot of material for free you can find a list of such materials on the JGLM Website @

    We also have a free media site with free teachings and seminars

    JGLM also broadcasts their sunday service for free weekly @

    If any material is distributed without express written permission it is in violation of copyright law.

  14. John, why is it that Curry says that materials can be distributed as long as it’s not sold yet you (and JGLM) have come up strongly against the above use of dropbox?

    Curry Blake has changed my life and many people have been impacted by Curry’s message through me as I recommend it to them. And of course I give them his messages for free (even some that had to be paid for).

    I’m also a partner of the ministry by the way and because of what I’ve done many people have come to know the message of JGLM or have been strengthened in it – and probably are partners now because of that.

    So if you want to think of it in the monetary terms, then even though I gave away some paid messages to any who wanted them, that may have resulted in people being partners and JGLM benefiting in the long term.

    But aren’t we supposed not to think of it in monetary terms? Isn’t lives being impacted more important than money? Isn’t the kingdom more important?

    Sorry, but I’m very disappointed with your pointed statements. I expected more out of JGLM.

    I was very impressed when I heard about how Curry would give money away to them who asked – as according to the Bible. And how the ministry seems to have the right focus – on the message, people and the gospel, not money. And I still think it does and I still love the ministry and the message. JGLM is the only ministry I donate to every month.

    So I’m disappointed because I thought JGLM would be one of the last ministries that would be concerned about the spreading of their message for free.

    As the owner of this website has said, and I couldn’t agree more, “I just value spreading the Gospel and reaching people more than good ethics.”

    I hope JGLM consider offering all their materials for free just like Andrew Wommack’s Ministry (the other ministry I actually wanted to donate regularly except there were problems with doing so from overseas). Tons of people have been blessed by Andrew Wommack and are now big supporters and partners.

    I feel you can’t ever go wrong by giving everything away for free. I think this is especially important for Christian ministries – with the common misperception that Christian ministries are just out to enrich themselves. It takes faith to do that, of course, but I think overall the kingdom will benefit more and I think ultimately if your message is good and biblical and life-transforming, people will definitely support you more.

    For me, I know that God has blessed me and is going to bless me financially even more and the first ministry I’ll be blessing is JGLM.

    JGLM is of course free to do what it wants and I will respect that it has the right to choose. But your statements above just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    God bless!

    • Thanks for your comment. I share the same view as you and I was disgusted by the threatening tone in John Blake’s comment.

      I have learnt that what I came to know of Curry Blake through his messages is very different from what the JGLM team radiates. It is as though they are two completely different entities.

      Its funny how we sit with such a powerful tool as the internet, with the potential to reach hundreds of millions of people, yet we only worry about monetary compensation. That just doesn’t fit in my mind. It makes no sense.

      Maybe one day we can reach a place where all ministries are selfless and willing to give their teachings away like Andrew Wammack does. Where it is not about the money, the credit or any compensation except for reaching other people. Where Christians are Christ-like.

      I have said this before, these teachings have changed my life entirely. I haven’t heard the Bible being taught so simple before. May the love for money not limit us to spread the good news in whichever form.

      May we reach the lost at any cost.

  15. I have just a new resource:
    New Man Series from Arkansas November 2011 bought to you by It is a very good recording.

    See the link under the New Man heading

  16. Thank you for spreading the Gospel. In the end our reward comes from our Father in Heaven, for he who seeks reward from other people, already has been rewarded. But thank God for our higher reward that awaits in Heaven! Looking forward to a DHT Seminar in South Africa soon! Busy putting dates together. God bless!

  17. can we get an outreach of John g. lake’s or curry blake miniestiries in nigeria.
    I’ll really love to be part of the vision in my country

  18. Can we find PDF files of Curry Blake’s teaching somewhere? I have a hard time to understand because my mother tongue is French and I would understand ans study better his precious teachings.

  19. Thank you so much for these classes ,they are a huge blessing to our mission here in Botswana ,Africa .God bless Curry for not compromising the Gospel .One of the few sincere man of God ,around today .

  20. Click on this link to see that Google Chrome is listing you MP3 site as deceptive, and making it difficult to those who may of had the opportunity to see hear your messages and chose not to go ahead due to the uncertainty of delivery of file .. Thought I’d bring this to your attention, I’ve managed to get through to comment here, knowing its of good source, but may want to try other avenues to deliver your mp3 etc .. Just sharing, thanks for sharing your ministry to finish off my thoughts..

  21. Thanks for this site a lot! God is making a great impact here in the Philippines through Curry’s teaching. This free gift is surely a good seed that JGLM will reap in due time. God bless! and Conquer!:-)

  22. Hi I listen to your mp3’s all the time and have done so for the past 5 years. I especially love the ‘Matrix mindset 1/2 ‘
    I put your teaching into action and have seen thousands of people healed in the fifteen years I have been saved.

    My question is, I can’t find this favourite teaching of mine the matrix mindset on your mp3 list on your website. I want to share this amazing teaching with my congregation.

    Thanks again for a fantastic ministry.

  23. Morning Curry Blacks I was listening to you this morning on Faith Africa .i live in south Africa .your were reading the simp el Gospel. I gave looked to down load the notes you read and I dont know where to go and what to do.please can you help thank you Gwen Meyer

  24. Absolutely the best teaching I’ve heard ever! Thank You Brother Curry In Jesus Name for your faithfulness unto God. Are there any DVD’S available for Australia or any other? Thank You very much

  25. Hi my name is bongani masina from south africa, my life has changed by this teachings , the LORD did mention to me about texas but i did not understand it until now . Thank you a lot i m hungry to do HIS work please help me

  26. I listened to DHT audio every morning on my phone till I finished the whole series. I was blessed, it was awesome. I learnt new things and mind was debugged of some things that would have hindered me in ministering healing to people by faith. It was simplified with biblical proofs and I was spurred up to do something which I did the next day I got to church and saw someone with a pain on his hands due to an accident. I prayed for him and he got better… It was marvellous listening… I wish he can come to Nigeria.

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