Quotes From Curry Blake

As mentioned in my previous post, I have learnt a lot from Curry R. Blake’s teachings. He has taken over the famous faith healer John G. Lake’s ministry.

Here I have combined some of his quotes which really stuck with me. Most of these quotes have been posted at the JGLM forum.

If your gospel isn’t touching others, it hasn’t touched you.

God will use you. Don’t think that he’ll just use you for headaches. He will use you to do ANYTHING that needs to be.

The power of God is mechanical.

You are God’s son, man’s servant, and the devil’s master.

The truth willl set you free, But first it will make you mad.

If you haven’t found a gospel worth dying for, you haven’t found a gospel worth living for.

When a son of God speaks, Heaven hears and agree. Hell hears and obey.

Healing isn’t a reward, it is a gift. You don’t work for it or earn it.

If your knowledge of the word of God exceeds your obedience to the word, you are a backslider

Be hard on self, easy on others. You can give them truth, but don’t expect others to consistently walk at a standard that you have set for yourself. If you set yourself with the standard of the Bible, that is good. But, give people mercy. Give them room to grow. Everybody doesn’t know what you know. Everybody hasn’t studied as much as you’ve studied. Everybody hasn’t been where you’ve been. So give them room.

People dont care how much you know, until the know how much you care.

True apostolic ministry doesn’t say ‘Come sit at my feet and let me be your father’…it says GO. Apostolic ministries don’t gather…they spread. When you gather, you build an empire. When you spread, you build the Kingdom of God.

Fasting doesn’t get you power. Fasting gets you out of the way so power can flow easier.

Healing is warfare!

A lot of people today would rather be lied to with a smile and soft words than to be told the truth without mincing words. They think that if their feelings get hurt then the person who hurt their feelings was not walking in love. This is the surest sign of spiritual immaturity.

Anything that prevents you from blessing of God is a devil for you to overcome and destroy.

Friends are like elevators, they will either take you up or bring you down, but they will never leave you in the same place.

Quit having faith in your faith.

God can’t say ‘No’ to a promise He’s already said ‘Yes’ to.

You will never be who you are supposed to be if you can’t forget who you used to be.

There is no reason why any person should not be healed.

You can’t have resurrection life until there is a death, and you won’t have a death until you decide that your old life is something you hate.

To the degree that your mind is renewed, is the degree that your life is transformed.

Exalt God…Exhort Men…Exhaust the devil.

The Name of Jesus and what it stands for and represents is ENOUGH to get ANY job done and ANY need met.

What we’ll give our eyes to, we’ll be doing.

Jesus only gave 2 reasons for failure, and every failure can be traced back to one of these: Unbelief or Traditions of Man.”

Jesus never said “gather up and sit” He said, “As you go, preach and heal”.

The reason why we’ll do greater works than Jesus is because we’re facing an enemy that’s already been defeated.

The Bible is a receipt of what was PAID FOR by Jesus.

You are not a leader if you will not say what you believe simply because you fear the consequences.

The fastest way to know what’s really in someone’s heart is to remove all restrictions.

Jesus said if you drink the water He gives, you will NEVER thirst again. You will never hunger or thirst. There is a difference between thirsting/ hungering and zeal. Thirsting keeps you waiting….Zeal gets you busy doing the Fathers will. If you thirst, you will be filled (no longer thirsting).

The church is so busy training people to go out, that they feel like they are doing something…when in fact, they are just staying busy but not going out to preach the Gospel, heal the sick, raise the dead and cast out demons!

If believing in God was the only requirement to get saved, then devils would be saved too. Devils believe and tremble when hearing His name and because they KNOW His power. Some Christians believe and don’t even tremble . Other Christians believe and obey. Which one are you?

If the harvest is ready, you are ripe!

You are made perfect as you work.

If you wake up on Sunday, and you do not go to Church, some Christians have a religious withdrawel because they are so addicted to their Sunday morning service and they are taught that if they do not go, then…… .

Train the way you want to fight, because that is the way you are going to fight!

No army ever won a war by showing how much it could suffer.

If you’re gonna talk it, live it.

Most people talk to God about their problems, when in reality, what you ought to do is talk to your problem about God.

Most people are trying to live a resurrected life without dying.

The greatest deliverance you ever get is from yourself. Forget yourself! Get over yourself!

The devil wants you on yourself.

Fasting is getting you out of yourself.

You are a Spirit, you have a soul, & you live in a body.

There is no part of you that is good. You have to die.

I don’t make decisions based on money. I go & know God will provide when I get there.

You can’t feed the hungry if you are hungry.

The fullness of God is him living IN us.

You do what you can where you are with what you’ve got.

A sin you will defend is a sin you are in. Jesus preached a gospel that made grown men walk away from everything they had.

There is no hinderance to God except YOU!

If you are HID IN CHRIST your life is hid in him, then the enemy can’t find you to put something on you.

Wherever you are the Kingdom of God is there.

God does NOT use the devil to spank you.

God has NEVER said anything negative about you.

When you make decisions based on money, then money is your God. Don’t make decisions based on money, make them based on God’s will for your life & the money will come.

If you want boldness, get sure.

Don’t hang on to the world. Touch the world, & hang on to God.

Knowledge puffs up, love builds up.

The devil in under our feet because he is under Jesus’ feet.

We are ordinary people who have an extraordinary God. The essence of Christianity is in the being, not in the doing.

Correction is for restoration, not for destruction. If you are going to error make one in His favor not against Him.

What is in you is BIGGER than what is outside of you.

Don’t follow signs. Let the signs follow you.

I don’t need revival. I am revived!

If you pray, believe, then receive.

Judge things. Not people.

To know the will of God, read the Bible. To be led by the Spirit, DO the Bible.

The first preacher of the gospel was a woman.

The world is waiting for us to grow up & show up.

My job, and the job of the five-fold ministry, is to work ourselves out of a job.

You find out what the Word of God says, you decide to agree with it and believe it. Then you begin doing it, you do it every time. You force yourself to do it, you force yourself to do it when you don’t feel like it. You never have to force yourself to do stuff you want to do. So discipline comes in when you don’t want to.

Training means doing what you’ve been taught; to practise and drill it, because when you get in the heat of the battle, you can’t THINK, you have to REACT, and you will react according to where the majority of your mind is.

An Old Covenant mindset says: “I’m not good enough. I don’t have enough. I need more…”.


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  4. Curry’s book, “Strength To Carry On” is a must read and must have. That book change my life and ever since I’ve read it Great understanding of what I was once taught has been extremely challenged. GB Curry for the wisdom he has given me and I PRAISE GOD for allowing me to come across that book.

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