The Atheist Religion

** Original post removed **


As I am continually growing in my faith, I have decided to remove this post because I am not entirely sure anymore that it is teaching sound doctrine.

I’ll rather err on the safe side than to potentially lead people astray and away from Jesus Christ.

Keep on continually seeking the true teachings of Jesus Christ as it relates to the saving Gospel, so we may know Jesus.


4 responses to “The Atheist Religion

  1. Def agree with your article.

    As a Muslim I follow God, and I cannot understand why there are so many people who believe that this world just happened.
    This world was created for a purpose and it will be interesting to see what transpires when we leave this world.


  2. Hi,

    Really appreciated and agree with your article. Hoping that it gets many views and that people would really take a serious look at what they do or do not believe, especially if they say they have an open mind about things.

  3. I believe every Christian should take a course in Christian Apologetics. The Greater Grace World Outreach ( has a course, though I’m not sure if it is taught online or available all round the year. The facts you learn are simply mind-awakening. Everything about Jesus and the Universe can be proven scientifically, historically, archaeologically and statistically. I come from a Hindu background. But I am born-again. I have studied Hindu scriptures and some of other faiths too. The Bible is the most objective. In fact, the Bible, the Qur’an and some major Hindu scriptures preach probably the common message of salvation, Muslims respect Jesus as the healer – the book says that he is the Word of God (Kaleematullah) and the Spirit of God (Roohallah). It is said that the oldest Hindu book the Rig-Veda prophecies about the only Saviour of mankind to be God, who would be born as a human, of a virgin, live a sinless life and die on a wooden cross. He would resurrect and whosoever believes in him would live with him in heaven forever…something on those lines. I don’t recall the exact chapter and verses though. Coming back to atheists, they can be ministered to scientifically. But prayer too may be needed to break the strongholds over their minds.

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