Welcome to my new blog, called 2 Cents Each. I’ll be using this page to post some random thoughts that fill my mind.

Much like the thoughts in my mind, this blog too will not be about a specific topic.

But I’ll tell you this, I design websites from here —> I’m a big fan of God.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on the topics discussed on my blog.


5 responses to “About

  1. I found your site surfing the internet about Christ the Healer. Read about Curry Blake and I became facinated. Going to his September DHT in Georgetown,TX. Can’t wait!!!! Rene

  2. I am a DHT ,certified by JGLM in USA,and it is for sure a great help that somebody takes the time and effort to collect the legally available resources of JGLM.Because it is all about letting more and more persons know,how GOD really is and what GOD wants and is able to do for them. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! The Glory and Truth of the Gospel shall be spread! Martina Bernhardt

  3. Many of your subscribers/commenters are mistaken.
    Andrew Wommancks teachings are not all free.
    When you make teachings directly available without the people needing to go to the official webpage, you are actually hindering the message and the movement.
    Example: people should not be contacting you about LifeTeams in South Africa.
    The info given was inaccurate.
    They should be contacting the ministry directly.
    We give over half of all material sent out in each month FREE.
    There is no reason to post any links to any of my teachings on another website.
    By going directly to the appropriate source, people can receive effective prayer and connection with other likeminded believers and receive free email newsletters that provide ongoing training.
    You are not doing a service to the people, you are actually detracting from their growth.
    Everyone knows that we do not pull for money.
    This has nothing to do with money, it has to do with righteousness.
    It has to do with doing things right.
    As a Christian brother I have asked you to remove the ability to download directly and simply put a link to the Jglm website. That should be all that is required among true brethren.
    You are free to learn the message, teach the message and then post your own recordings.

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