God at War – The Bible & Spiritual Conflict

  • ** Original post removed **


    As I am continually growing in my faith, I have decided to remove this post because I am not entirely sure anymore that it is teaching sound doctrine.

    I’ll rather err on the safe side than to potentially lead people astray and away from Jesus Christ.

    Keep on continually seeking the true teachings of Jesus Christ as it relates to the saving Gospel, so we may know Jesus.


One response to “God at War – The Bible & Spiritual Conflict

  1. I am much taken by your comment “The New Testament exhibits a church that is not intellectually baffled by evil but is spiritually empowered to vanquishing it; the Western tradition has more frequently exhibited a church that is perpetually baffled by evil but significantly ineffective and largely apathetic toward combating it.”

    This describes exactly the disgracefully culpable silence of the church – most churches – to speak out against persecution and massacre of Christians by Islam. This reflects a catastrophic lack of moral as well as intellectual clarity.

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