RE: Insufficient Instruction as Failure to Receive Healing

** Original post removed **


As I am continually growing in my faith, I have decided to remove this post because I am not entirely sure anymore that it is teaching sound doctrine.

I’ll rather err on the safe side than to potentially lead people astray and away from Jesus Christ.

Keep on continually seeking the true teachings of Jesus Christ as it relates to the saving Gospel, so we may know Jesus.


6 responses to “RE: Insufficient Instruction as Failure to Receive Healing

  1. It is obvious you read much more into what Brother Bosworth was saying, and take what he has said, out of context. You have tried to justify your interpretation by twisting what he said. God has backed up Brother Bosworth’s ministry without your “2 cents” and if it worked for Brother Bosworth and and the saints of old, then its good enough today, without you trying to twist his words. Brother Bosworth was not saying that people could not be healed, if they didn’t know the word. By realizing the scriptures are true and are for everyone, it increases ones faith to believe. He also did not say that others couldn’t pray for those weak in the faith for their healing. He was merely pointing out that we must come in one mind and one accord to see these great miracles happen. Don’t knock what God has vindicated and put your interpretation to it….pray and ask God to open up your mind to see what God instructed him to write and clarify Brother Bosworth book.

  2. I too agree you don’t have to meditate on the word and know all the scriptures to receive healing or if one doesn’t have enough faith to believe that someone can pray in their fast…please don’t take me wrong in the last email. But it does help to know the scriptures and increase your faith.
    God Bless

  3. “Lack of faith ; lack of prayer” were the two reasons given by the Lord Jesus as to why His disciples could not cure the demonized boy.
    Great faith in Matthew 17 and much prior prayer in Mark 9 were the only things that could move such a powerful spirit. So, if we’re full of faith and prayed-up there should not be any hindrance that can stand against our bringing healing to people in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Do you believe this ?

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