Hello world!

Welcome to my new blog, called 2 Cents Each. I’ll be using this page to post some random thoughts that fill my mind.

Much like the thoughts in my mind, this blog too will not be about a specific topic.

But I’ll tell you this, I design websites from here —> Ayoba Designs and I’m a big fan of God.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on the topics discussed on my blog.

Gangsters keep it real. You should too.

And that was my first 2 cents!


One response to “Hello world!

  1. Hello

    I have read and read and studied a variety of ministers and what I have not noticed or read is what can people do or have prayed over them or commanded over them to get their healing.

    I appreciate the articles yet, unless I am missing something, I have not seen what one can do to get their healing when they have been prayed for a variety of times and yet not get the results they are looking for..

    Does one just keep going from minister to minister until they get the results they need? or something else?

    People I have studied a fair bit include Andrew Wommack, Roger Sapp, Curry Blake, Slyde Moran(biblecities.com), Jim Richards, Kenneth Copland(a bit), Bill Johnson(a bit), Todd White, Tom Fischer(a bit) among some others who have successful healing ministries.

    I appreciate the idea of John G lake who had his ministers go to places and not return until the person was well. What did they do to be continually effective?

    It would be great to have a resource that is accurate and results oriented that gives some real concrete ideas what one can do if they have been prayed for, not get the results and then did something else and it has actually worked reliably.

    Thanks again and I look forward to your comments.

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